Morning Has Dawned

January 20, 2010
Ron Morrell, Chairman
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Having been a resident of the Commonwealth for fifteen years before returning to Maine, it is exciting to see a movement rejecting oppressive government once again start in Massachusetts as it did years ago. Many on both sides of the aisle had written off the Bay State as permanently liberal. And indeed it seemed that way with two liberal Democrat senators for thirty years and this particular seat being Democrat since 1953. But having lived in several communities there, I knew that even Massachusetts had a breaking point. And yesterday, we witnessed it.
I know there are many within our party who take issue with Scott Brown’s record. He may have not supported tax cuts aggressively enough as a state legislator. It is more than appropriate to call attention to that, but what occurred yesterday is much bigger than Scott Brown. A state that has sent two of the most liberal senators to Washington for thirty years said “Enough!” Everyone knew what was at stake. If huge government bailouts (and takeovers) and “Obamacare,” do not pass muster in Massachusetts, how can they possibly be supported in the rest of the country?
This event has a clear and unique message for us in York County too: “Don’t write us off!” Districts that have been liberal or Democrat for a long time can not be left for dead. York County can have a significant impact in the gubernatorial race and the first district US house race. I have been repeating this for almost a year now, but EVERY DISTRICT IS A BATTLEGROUND. At the state level, no liberally represented district should go unchallenged because this year we have the wind at our backs to take back significant ground. Morning has dawned and people are seeing the true colors of the people we have put into office. In York County, we need to make sure that voters understand the same mentality that is being rejected at the national level is controlling our state too. And, in November we need to replace them with representatives that will truly value the individual and put them in charge of their own lives; not in line for the next government handout.